It’s snowing!

Friday, 8th April 2016

Here we go, it’s snowing! this is challenging me now.. I need wood for the stove, meaning chopping it first to a suitable size..

The yurt slowly heats up but from the floor comes cold. I put a second pair of Mum’s knitted socks on and fix the cat door with offcut from the sheep wool.

Cooking works well on the stove and it’s kind of casual warm now. But one thing I’ll not repeat: cleaning the dishes outside in the morning with icy water.
So we learned to heat up water while the stove is warm or to do the dishes immediately. And it would be helpful to have water inside the yurt too. This will be the next step to install: a little sink or somehting similar.




  1. Name Giver Said,

    April 11, 2016@ 19:02      Antworten

    Hi Hector. U should not been freezing as u have some casual wool around u! One thing i want to share with you, i am the one that gave the name to your and sabu’s project. Yes „sabjurt“ was grown in my little brain 😉 and you wont believe it, but 7 matches on Google search before nany other results. Bang i got it. Cheers

  2. sabjurt-experience Said,

    April 13, 2016@ 8:37      Antworten

    You are a genius! but beeing on google search never was my top goal, I’m a b(l)ackground sheep ;~P

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