basic income – Grundeinkommen

Sunday, 17 th april

basic income – let it melt on your tongue. Doesn’t it sound good for you? or are you one of the lucky born ones and do not care about the unfortunate but maybe talented ones who haven’t got the time to do what they love to do and are good at because they are constantly overworked and underpayed?

I don’t know about you, but I know plenty people like that, struggling everyday. Young and old ones, here in Switzerland and specially all over the world. If somebody tells me, that this is not financeable I seriously need to laugh. The system is not the one to blame, it’s the uncontrolled creed in some individuals. It seems to me like a drug that turns some in ugly monsters. But anyhow, coming back to the basic income, I personaly would still go to work because work is something you like doing but for many it’s something to pay their bills with hard and poorly paied jobs..

I say yes, yes for the people to feel a bit more free in their live to enjoy it enough before we fucking die.

good night,


Hector Black

Hector Black



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