Ants in the pants

Monday, 13th June 2016

Ants in the pants – not talking about being nervous about something or worried, no I’m talking about real ants. First there were only a few crawling around specially when the sun was shining. I started to lock all the food and scattered flour on their entrance hole. Then they disappeared I thought until I discovered bizarre piles on the kitchen shelve. First thought was that I may have spelt coffee powder.. I left it for an other day or two to clean up and when I did, I saw the Oregano plant looking a bit troubled and that the piles is actually not coffee but earth.. What I found then was a big surprise: Inside the pot was a million of ants laying already eggs on the dry bottom of the plants pot!
I cleaned the Oregano pot and placed it all outside on the steps.. that was a week ago. Today I come home to discover the entrance is full of the black little ants again! and not only there.. they happily crawling around everywhere but the center must be somewhere near the door. I started to push things away in order to find something they’re strongly attracted. I’m following their highway through the yourt and trough a little whole to the outside again and.. .. and no, again to the poor Oregano pot!!
What in hell attracts ants to the Oregano so much??!! there are many other pots outside but that seems to be the chosen one. Well that means cleaning it all out again and the yourt too and hide all my sweets very very good and the potatoes too, they seem to like them as well. The big mob is out now, only loners hike around and get kindly escorted by me.. I’m glad we don’t have very creepy animals here like in OZ. In OZ I had a snake in the bedroom once, crawling under my duvet.. Gosh I never again jumped that quick out of bed 😛

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