What do we want to become?

Monday, 14th november 2016

what do we want to become? – most of us take money for labour and most of us around the globe have an enormous amount of hope for a better life. Our mind is in the future not in the present, or it’s distracted by the various attractions, or only focused on our work functions, or just not there… But we are driven to grow in various directions, but some just want to survive the day. Perhaps we have an imagination of our future us. The question is, what do we want to become? On our values and believes depends the world, it’s really worth a thought!

Capitalism has spread its legs, it can’t get any wider. We need now more equally, less extreme life standards for everyone on earth. That should be Globalisation. But now few are getting unendingly wealthy and many getting poorer by the end of the day. All income and the amount of possessions should be regulated. Unfortunate we need to be controlled until modesty and a common sense have taken over again. Some believe a change to matriarchy would solve this problems or to combine the better characteristics of the two forces.

We’ll see, I hope.. 😉

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