Introducing Hector

Naters, Friday 26th February 2016

Sa Bu’s yurt experience written by Hector Black (fellow lodger and companion)

Hector BlackHector Black

This is about me, how my life changed when having no other choice then following Sa Bu in a bloody tent on a farm just outside the city „Zug“, the Swiss tax paradise.

My name is Hector and I’m not happy to leave the standards behind, why would I? I had a safe and warm place, no other worries then thinking about work, food, sleep..
„But not everything is about the money honey!..It’s about comfort, standards, weakness, resources, our future, health & happiness. We are fallen into a dawn spiral, a black whole that’s soaking us up, using our strength and blearing our focus on what really matters. Therefore, it is time to do something against that, and step number one:
moving to a bloody tent, with only the basics, learn again to live with nature, build up with renewable resources and go from there..“ so she said !
That’s a year ago now, we’ve been seeking a suitable place to life. Because living in a tent (I should call it yurt) by itself is not allowed. Many rules and regulations made it hard but all of a sudden, we found the perfect place.. and now the preparation starts, just 1 month until we build up the yurt and move in.
Let’s do it! Questions?