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What do we want to become?

Monday, 14th november 2016 what do we want to become? – most of us take money for labour and most of us around the globe have an enormous amount of hope for a better life. Our mind is in the future not in the present, or it’s distracted by the various attractions, or only focused […]


Community? yes

Before I couldn’t imagine me living in a community because I’m just to used to do my own thing, But since I’m experiencing a way to live a big bit more separately compared to a flat shre I actually think I’ll keep living like that. The most important is to choose the right community and […]


fire and ice

one day is burning hot and pleasant at night and on the following day I must heat the stove inside.. crazy temperature drops und lifts ..brrhhh



Choices Tuesday, 19th July 2016 When I look around me I hear people complaining about work, time and other people mainly. I see them rushing to and from work in their nice shiny cars and see them sitting in their lovely city flats. Most peoples private time is peppered with events, we’re busy all days, […]


Ants in the pants

Monday, 13th June 2016 Ants in the pants – not talking about being nervous about something or worried, no I’m talking about real ants. First there were only a few crawling around specially when the sun was shining. I started to lock all the food and scattered flour on their entrance hole. Then they disappeared […]


how to create a circular flow

Dienstag, 31.05.2016 the longer I’m living here the more I would like to build. For example a circular water flow system using rainwater, a garden and a compost toilet etc.. It’s inspiring, highly! There is always something to improve or to adjust. Not everything is working fine from the beginning. I had painful learning lessons […]


What I miss the most..

Tuesday, 17th May It’s true, my yourt is comfortable and not a cave. Also I’m not growing hair under my armpit and I’m not struggling for surviving as some people surprisingly figure out when they get here. In fact I do live quite simply, one 6m diameter room with a table, a stove and a […]


basic income – Grundeinkommen

Sunday, 17 th april basic income – let it melt on your tongue. Doesn’t it sound good for you? or are you one of the lucky born ones and do not care about the unfortunate but maybe talented ones who haven’t got the time to do what they love to do and are good at […]


It’s snowing!

Friday, 8th April 2016 Here we go, it’s snowing! this is challenging me now.. I need wood for the stove, meaning chopping it first to a suitable size.. The yurt slowly heats up but from the floor comes cold. I put a second pair of Mum’s knitted socks on and fix the cat door with offcut […]

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I love my neighbours! so peaceful to watch them passing by for dinner  


Installing & Decorating

Tuesday, 29th March The stove hasn’t got its pipe yet and the first nights are rather fresh! I had my doubts about the space and how we’ll be living, but it is a lot more comfortable then I thought it would be. Even the missing fluent water isn’t a big problem. I feel like getting […]


Where the heck am I going?

..looks pretty central! and lots of lakes around, may I’ll take swimming lessons this year. It’s all very exciting!!“changing the world starts with oneself“, some smartass said! well, we’ll see how tuff I & Sabu are and who is crying first.. 😛 maybe none, maybe we’ll have an awesome time up there, let’s get surprised..


getting prepared..

People keep asking me „why are you doing it?“ Well, as I previously said, I’ve no choice.. as Hector, the finger puppet  sheep, I’m symbolising Sabu’s phlegmatic side or the skeptical observer… (;


Hector the hipster

Dienstag, 15. März 2016 I’m no longer shaving.. getting ready for the cold.  


fellow lodger

I’m Hector Black, companion and fellow lodger in the yurt 😉 ..with migration background ..writing from my point of view